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GCMUN 2019

January 11 - 13



Most Esteemed Participants,


My name is Balakaan Başak and it is my utmost honour and joy to be the Secretary-General of the 2nd edition of GCMUN which will be held on January 11-13 in Gazi University Foundation Private Schools, Ankara. Both of our teams are working without a break to give you participants the best experience that we, as the academic and organization teams, can give.


As one of the Founders and now the Secretary-General, I am proud to say that our conference aims to give the delegates both a fun three-day conference and an academic journey. Our club was always enthusiastic about hosting an MUN conference and I am delightful to see that we, as the Gazi College MUN club, finally have that chance.


We are currently living in a world that is full of conflict and is in dire need of help and regulations. As the organization and academic teams we wanted our conference to address everyone. Thus, we decided to open one Junior Level committee, which is UNICEF, and four high school and university level committees. As the team behind GCMUN 2019 we hope that the delegates of these committees will learn to act diplomatically and improve themselves while solving the problems.


As the Secretary-General of GCMUN 2019, I am proud to invite you on behalf of the academic and organization teams to join the movement to refine the world and those who live within it.  I believe that you'll have a fantastic and unforgettable experience in our conference. I wait with anticipation to meet you face to face in the conference.

My best regards, 


Balakaan Başak

Secretary-General of GCMUN 2019



Dear Participants,


My name is Zeynep Nazlı Benekli and it is my second year in this adventure that I started with great enthusiasm and excitement. I take great pride in being the Director General of this wonderful organization, where we have worked so hard to do the best for you. From the first day we decided to make this organization, you can be sure that everyone in our team has been spending great effort for your happiness.


We are so ready to welcome you with our academic team consisting of highly experienced members and our organization team working hard to make your memories unforgettable. Although we certainly know that we will entertain you, you can be sure that our conference will improve you academically. We are very enthusiastic and excited about GCMUN 2019 which will be held in Gazi College on 11-12-13 January with the experience we have gained from the conference we organized last year.


Our primary goal is to guide you for a better future in the developing and changing world. We hope to have a good time in the committees we prepared to achieve this goal. We hope that every situation you experience can lead to effective decisions in your life and leave a mark on your life. Our aim is to achieve these goals by amusing you. Please trust us that you will have a great time and get a wonderful experience in GCMUN 2019:)


As the Director General of GCMUN I will be glad to welcome you with love, respect and sincerity. I hope you will experience more than you expect and have a very nice time with us. We will be proud of being together with you as well as sharing this wonderful experience.


Yours truly,


Zeynep Nazlı Benekli

Director-General of GCMUN 2019


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