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Throughout human history, millennia have resulted in some of the most impactful steps and developments mankind has faced. While the first millennium brought humans the infamous religious awakening and the systemization of it, the beginning of the second millennium welcomed an incredibly unexpected technological development. With time passing, the rapidity of developments gained acceleration with the creation of technology to assist in advancing further. Earth doesn’t pose any borders for human curiosity and the need to know more and more in the first half of 21st Century; so, eventually, space becomes human’s field of play and ‘International Space and Galactic Affairs Commision’ (ISGAC) is established to pave the way. However, contrary to humankind’s expectations, the rest of the galaxy indeed was inhabited by other species. Soon enough, explorations reveal that intelligent life forms are closer than we think, as close as Titan and Mars. While Titan’s local species are divided into two sub-nations by race as Xeno-TITAN and Tao-TITAN; Mars has a designated governmental system with the nation of Martians. Titan struggles with the clash of two races in itself and has serious political dispute over governmental dominance. Martians impose a highly protective policy over their planet and cannot have common grounds with neither humans nor Titan Nations. Thus with the contribution of Humans, Xenos, Taos and Martians; “INTERSTELLAR ALLIANCE” is formed as a galactic committee that is designated to systemize and organize arms race in outer space, life forms’ rights and privileges, territorial movement, space environment strategies and so on. This committee session takes place in 2120, on EARTH, in Hong Kong.


This committee is intended for intermediate to advanced delegates.




AGENDA ITEM: Open Agenda

Committee Board Member: Duru Olhan

Committee Board Member: Selin Ergin

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