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Having been established in 1946 with the goal of achieving equal rights and opportunities for each children, UNICEF has been one of the most prominent bodies of UN and contributed greatly to providing  children around the world with their needs for food, education, security and comfort. Lately, also considering the situation in Ukraine and Syria, it has been reported that children’s basic right to security is being violated in corners of the world.

Each year, millions of children worldwide are suffering through gun violence, abuse and most crucially involvement of them in armed conflicts. The children who are recruited as child soldiers either lose their lives at war zones and while attempting to escape or encounter psychological trauma. However,  many organisations have been staying silent about children in conflict zones, issued by the absence of proper and specific legal framework, which indicates that the issue needs immediate attention of UNICEF to be comprehensively debated.

During the conference, the main aspect of focus will be the provision of a regulatory framework for the rights of children in conflict zones and the establishment of a comprehensive convention to protect them from further cases.


This committee is intended for junior (middle school) students.



AGENDA ITEM: Advancing the legal framework on children in conflict zones

Committee Board Member of JR UNICEF: Ceren Tuana Belovacıklı

Committee Board Member of JR UNICEF: Duygu İşlak

Rapporteur of JR UNICEF: İpeksu Paslı


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