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United Nations Security Council is the primary responsible authority in terms of maintaining world peace and security. It is the main decision-maker body of the organization and the only board that can pass sanctions and regulate the members. With its five permanent and ten non-permanent members, the Council will be having its 13254th session on the agenda 51 (c): Situation in Yemen.

Middle East has always been a major zone of conflict during the course of history. Yemen is without a doubt facing one the biggest conflicts of the 21st century and is desperate for foreign help. It is unanimously agreed that the conflict in the area will not stop shattering blood, if an external force does not intervene and end the inhumane suffering. Security Council is the only appropriate body that has the power to intervene the conflict and stop the ongoing civil war.

Security Council will be simulated at our conference, with the unusual but actual procedure. It has been altered a lot in order for the real procedure to be simulated at a four-day lasting conference. Therefore, it is extremely vital that members carefully examine and not just read but also study the document: “Treatise on Provisional Rules of the Security Council”. It is also important that members carefully read the Order Paper and prepare themselves to debate upon the topics, which are written in the Order Paper.


This committee is intended for advanced delegates.



AGENDA ITEM: Yemen Conflict

Clerk of the House: Ece Uğurlu


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